Pest Management by ETOS based on the concept of IPM (integrated pest management) that the “typical” ETOS where we apply the concept of IPM ( Prevention Intensive Monitoring ) by giving priority to non- treatment measures as selection pest control and treatment measures as a last resort.
With this concept , the use of pesticides wisely fulfilled and effective pest control , efficient and environmentally friendly is reached .



Rodent Solutions

Rats are nocturnal animals that able to multiply rapidly .Rats cause leptospirosis disease , salmonella , thypus and others besides mice can also reduce the image of the company and caused economic losses such as fire building ( due to the power cord bites )

Household Pest Solutions

Flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes in addition to disrupt comfort can also deploy a number of diseases such as dysentery and cholera by flies as well as dengue fever and malaria by mosquitoes.

Occasional Invaders

Poor sanitary conditions is the main reason the presence of cockroaches in a location . Nevertheless location clean condition does not guarantee free for insects such as cockroaches while cockroach could have come away by the goods that come from outside .Cockroaches can be a cause of dysentery and typhoid . The ants although not cause disease but its existence can degrade the image of the company. In other conditions , the presence of ants can interfere with the bite humans .

Termite Solutions

Termites including malignant insect buildings . Termite damage the structure of the building by eating the cellulose of the building elements. Building or property is an invaluable investment to control termites become a very important action to be done before the termites ruin everything .

SPP Solutions

Stored Product Pests are destructive pests commodities stored in the warehouse, especially commodities commonly used as food ingredients such as grains and flour. Pests warehouse consists of 2 types of beetles and moths. Pests warehouse does not act as vectors to humans, but the damage can reduce the quantity of commodities, so it needs to be controlled. Stored product pest solution requires actions of personnel who are trained and experienced sehigga controls are effective and targeted. Monitoring and cooperation of customers to sanitation and construction also play a role in minimizing stored product pests